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  • Vision Christian Bible College & Seminary

    Whether you are called to a pulpit or a profession, a congregation or a career, Vision Christian Bible College & Seminary is here to equip you to make a difference. Why VCBCS? Online Classes Transcript Request Untitled design 1/8

  • Why VCBCS? | VCBCS

    The primary challenge for any academic institution of higher learning is in preparing people to be effective and successful in life. Dr. William Moulton Marston has said that 94% of people will live and die without ever knowing their purpose in life. This is a real tragedy. A life lived without purpose is a squandered life. Thus our goal, " Preparing Real People for Real Purpose" takes on an important meaning. Our Distinctives · We are a Kingdom-centric college equipping students to seek first and advance God's kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. · We provide quality educational opportunities at an affordable cost. · We train and teach students foundationally in the Word of God · We equip students in the power and demonstration of the Holy Spirit · We believe all Christians are called to "full-time" ministry to serve wherever they are divinely placed. · We assist students to be effective witnesses in their unique spheres of influence. · We offer biblical based programs with an emphasis on dynamic leadership. · We will work to develop a specific course of study to meet student needs. · We offer advanced standing to qualified students with equivalent experience. · We offer bible college and graduate degree programs for ministry students.


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  • Payment Page | VCBCS

    Payment Page Affiliate Campus Make Payment Degree & Audit Students Make Payment Chaplaincy Program Make Payment If you are looking to make a donation to VCBCS, please go to the give tab on the main menu.

  • Dr. King | VCBCS

    Dr. Ron King Vice President VCBCS Dept. Head - Ministry Email: Phone: (844)-863-7847 ext. 702 A Bit About Me Dr. King has been involved in church planting in the USA and abroad since 1972. He has traveled extensively throughout the world and carries a global vision for equipping the church and training leaders. He serves in the ministry as an apostle, pastor, and teacher. He is one of the founding fathers of Apostolic Team Ministries (ATM), International and Kingdom Leadership, International. ​ Dr. King serves as Vice President of Vision Christian Bible College & Seminary and is one of the mentoring professors in the Master’s and Doctorate Programs.

  • Overview | VCBCS

    PROGRAM ENROLLMENT OPTIONS At VCBCS, we offer two ways in which a student can enroll and take classes. This provides students with the opportunity to learn in the environment that best fits their individual needs. Affiliate Campus Program offers students the opportunity to attend classes at an affiliate campus (satellite campus) of VCBCS. This provides students with the opportunity for in-person educational experience within a classroom type setting. Contact us for more information on affiliate campus locations. ​ Distance Learning Program offers students the option of taking classes online through the use of Moodle , our online Learning Management System. This provide students with a personal and flexible format that enables students to take classes in a manner that fits their schedule. STUDENT ENROLLMENT OPTIONS It is permissible for students to enroll in only 1 term per semester. Every student who is enrolled in the degree programs are encouraged to maintain at least part-time status. Full-Time Students are those who enroll in at least 4 terms (for a min. of 12 credits, a max of 15 credits). ​ Part-Time Students are those who enroll in 1-3 terms (for a minimum of 3 credits, a maximum of 9 credits). ​ Audit Students (affiliate campus program only) are those who are not interested in earning credit towards a degree program but are interested in the opportunity for enrichment. These students are not responsible for the academic requirements but would attend and participate in course lectures.

  • Dr. Strickland | VCBCS

    Dr. HG Strickland Head of International Operations Dept. Head - Ministry Email: A Bit About Me As a young man, Dr. HG Strickland knew God called him to ministry and he began obeying that call in the pulpit before the age of ten. Since then, he’s planted churches, launched ministries, and has raised up leaders across denominational lines. In fulfilling that call, God has taken him far beyond traditional ministry and church leadership to lead charities, foundations, businesses, and even train government leaders on Capitol Hill to operate in their identity and purpose. ​ HG also travels throughout the world teaching “Work Is Worship” and training people to live a life of purpose in the Kingdom of God. This revelation empowers people to incorporate their spiritual life into everyday life and to serve God where He places them – at work, at school, at home, and not only at church. While speaking at a Kingdom Quake conference in Toledo, Ohio, HG ministered to a lobbyist. That encounter would prove to be a divine appointment and led to an invitation to Washington, D.C. in January 2016. That lobbyist became a powerful ministry partner, and since then the two have been teaching in boardrooms across Washington, D.C. every two weeks. As the ministry continued to increase, it became apparent God was doing something more. Kingdom Life Ministries held their first service as a new church plant on October 14, 2018. They meet on Sunday evenings at the historic New York Avenue Presbyterian Church just two blocks from the White House. ​ Dr. Strickland serves on the national board, is the International Director, co-chairs the Department of Ministry, and is a mentoring professor in the Master and Doctoral Programs. He is a Director of Apostolic Team Ministries International and is a founding director of Kingdom Leadership International. HG is married to the love of his life and ministry partner, Chaley and together they have two boys, Tristan and Gavin.

  • Faculty | VCBCS

    VCBCS Faculty Dr. Christopher Romano President VCBCS Dr. Ron King Vice-President VCBCS Dr. H.G. Strickland International Director Dr. Kim Keyes Department Head- Christian Counseling Dr. Hunter Ray Professor- Theology & Biblical Studies Dr. Jim Teglehutter Professor- Ministry Justin Monfort Professor- Theology & Biblical Studies Dr. Pam Cavendar Academic Board Member

  • Christian Counseling | VCBCS

    Degrees Offered Bachelors in Christian Counseling (120 credits) Masters in Christian Counseling (36 credits) PhD in Christian Counseling (42 credits) Apply Now! Christian Counseling The degrees in the Christian Counseling department are carefully designed to prepare men and women to counsel in a disciplined and skilled way. The Apostle Paul was very sensitive to the needs of hurting individuals when he wrote, “we who are strong must bear the weaknesses and help carry the burdens of those who are weaker.” ​ Effective counseling skills are developed to address the very diverse problems people face today. ​ Caring counselors provide encouragement and guidance for those who are facing loss, decisions, or disappointments. ​ Unique techniques of the Christian counselor set us apart from the secular as we seek to change behavior, attitudes, and values or perceptions from a Biblical perception. Department Head Dr. Kim Keyes PhD in Christian Counseling

  • Distance Learning Program | VCBCS

    D istance L earning P rogram Our Distance Learning Program (DLP) provides students with a personal and flexible format, enabling them to take classes in a manner that fits their schedule. VCBCS utilizes Moodle as our learning management system (LMS), which allows students to take courses online. Students watch lectures, communicate with faculty, submit assignments, and access their grades through Moodle . ​ Moodle and the Moodle logo are trademarks of Moodle Pty Ltd. Undergraduate Students Application Fee: Orientation Fee: Tuition: Graduation Fee: $50 $100 $125/ credit hour $150 Graduate Students Appl icatio n Fee: Orientation Fee: Mas ters Tuition: PhD Tuition: Graduation Fee: $100 $100 $190/ credit hour $220 /credit hour $300 Textbooks and any other course materials will be purchased separately by the student. The process of enrolling as a DLP student is as follows: Apply for admission as an undergraduate or graduate student. Submit the appropriate application fee along with supporting documents. Upon acceptance, each student will receive an academic mentor who will assist the student in selecting an appropriate academic program. Upon choosing an academic program, the academic mentor will supply the student with a financial schedule that will detail the payment options for tuition for the program and provide them details about the orientation process. Every DLP student will receive an account on Moodle (VCBCS’ online educational platform). Once the orientation process is complete and the financial schedule has been returned, the student can begin taking classes. All DLP classes are conducted through Moodle in conjunction with the academic mentor.

  • Teamology Preview | VCBCS

    Teamology Course D etails ​ Course #: SPT 352 Course Credits: 3 Instructor: Dr. Ron King Course Description Teamology is all about the study of building high performance and effective teams. This workshop is a practical approach to improving team communication, developing stronger relationships and creating a healthier organization.

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