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At VCBCS, we offer two ways in which a student can enroll and take classes.  This provides students with the opportunity to learn in the environment that best fits their individual needs. 

Affiliate Campus Program offers students the opportunity to attend classes at an affiliate campus (satellite campus) of VCBCS.  This provides students with the opportunity for in-person educational experience within a classroom type setting. Contact us for more information on affiliate campus locations.

Distance Learning Program offers students the option of taking classes online through the use of Moodle, our online Learning Management System. This provide students with a personal and flexible format that enables students to take classes in a manner that fits their schedule.


It is permissible for students to enroll in only 1 term per semester.  Every student who is enrolled in the degree programs are encouraged to maintain at least part-time status.

Full-Time Students are those who enroll in at least 4 terms (for a min. of 12 credits, a max of 15 credits).

Part-Time Students are those who enroll in 1-3 terms (for a minimum of 3 credits, a maximum of 9 credits).

Audit Students (affiliate campus program only) are those who are not interested in earning credit towards a degree program but are interested in the opportunity for enrichment.  These students are not responsible for the academic requirements but would attend and participate in course lectures.

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