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The primary challenge for any academic institution of higher learning is in preparing people to be effective and successful in life. Dr. William Moulton Marston has said that 94% of people will live and die without ever knowing their purpose in life. This is a real tragedy. A life lived without purpose is a squandered life. Thus our goal, "Preparing Real People for Real Purpose" takes on an important meaning.

Our Distinctives

·    We are a Kingdom-centric college equipping students to seek first and advance God's          kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

·    We provide quality educational opportunities at an affordable cost.

·    We train and teach students foundationally in the Word of God

·    We equip students in the power and demonstration of the Holy Spirit

·    We believe all Christians are called to "full-time" ministry to serve wherever they are          divinely placed.

·    We assist students to be effective witnesses in their unique spheres of influence.

·    We offer biblical based programs with an emphasis on dynamic leadership.

·    We will work to develop a specific course of study to meet student needs.

·    We offer advanced standing to qualified students with equivalent experience.

·    We offer bible college and graduate degree programs for ministry students.

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