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Chaplaincy Certificate Program Overview

Our online Chaplaincy Certificate Program is designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools that you need to advance your kingdom calling in the area of Chaplaincy. Our program is constructed with busy, ministry-minded leaders in mind. Therefore, the program is tailored to fit your scheduling needs, and can be done at a pace that is conducive to your lifestyle. Additionally, our program operates on an “open-enrollment” basis, meaning there is no defined semester or start-date so you can begin the program immediately!


Our program consists of 10 specialized modules that together form a comprehensive unit supplying the individual with a well-balanced foundation to carry out their ministry. This particular ministry is of paramount importance in a historic era of conflict, change, and increasing complexity. Yet, while relevant and urgent in our contemporary era, the clarion call for Christ-like chaplains derives its significance from its 4th century historical roots. 


The term “chaplain” originates from the story of St. Martin accompanying an impoverished man in the rain, which took place at the gate to the city of Amiens, France, in 337. As crowds hurried past the half-naked and close-to-death beggar, Martin -- a military officer at the time -- took out his sword and removed his cloak. Martin sliced his cloak into two pieces, giving one half to the man and using the other half to cover himself. After being so moved by this powerful turn of events, Martin dedicated his life to serving the poor, and years later, his cloak became a treasured spiritual symbol. The cloak was kept in a building that came to be known as a cappella, or “chapel,” and the person assigned to look after the sacred relic was deemed the capellano, or “chaplain.” To this day chaplains can be identified as “the keepers of sacred things.”


Through our program, we are dedicated to forming and shaping individuals who are thoroughly equipped to be “the keepers of sacred things” in service to their communities. 


  • Associates Degree in Theology or Ministry OR  Equivalent Ministry Experience* 


  • Application Fee: $50

  • Program Tuition: $299

  • Annual Re-Certification: $150

* To be determined by the evaluation of supporting documentation submitted in the candidate's application.

  • Intro to Chaplaincy

  • Chaplaincy Advisement (Do’s and Don’ts)

  • Chaplaincy Ethics for Support and Pastoral Care

  • Effective Communication

  • Dealing with Complex Trauma

  • Grief Counseling

  • Biblical Worldview

  • Kingdom Perspective

  • People Literacy

  • Biblical Discipleship

Chaplaincy Testimonial

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