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Vision Christian Bible College and Seminary was established in 1992 by the late Dr. Jan Garber and has operated successfully since then, equipping men and women for the work of the ministry. The graduates of VCBCS can be found serving God in the local church, in the marketplace, and in the mission field all around the world according to their specific gifts and callings.


Our “vision” is a simple one.  We have been commissioned to prepare REAL people for REAL purpose! Whether someone is called to a pulpit or a profession, a congregation or a career, VCBCS exists to equip everyone to make a difference!


Our primary goal is to awaken the realization in the heart of every student that as a believer, they are a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Regardless of vocational status, every believer is called to full-time ministry and service to the Kingdom of God. Toward this end, we purpose to disciple faithful men and women, according to the spirit of 2 Timothy 2:2. It is our desire to inspire every student to achieve excellence in the Lord.


In line with these goals, VCBCS seeks to offer a rare educational and spiritual learning environment that alleviates the burden of those who have desired to seek biblical instruction and training but have been frustrated either by distance, cost, substance, or content offered in most Biblical/Theological Institutions. Our courses are rich in spiritual content, biblical study and ministry training.  To summarize, we are developing shepherds, warriors, workers, pioneers and teachers for the work unto which they have been called.

Model for Ministry

In the Old Testament, the training for ministry was Spirit-led and birthed in the school of the prophets.  In the New Testament, our best model for ministry training is seen in the church at Antioch, especially in Acts (11:19-26, 13:1-4, 14:26-28 and 15:30-35).  Here we see a church alive with Paul and Barnabas and other prophets and teachers, raising up men and women for fruitful ministry.  They did so under the authority of the elders who were accountable to those who sent them out.  This remains our model for education.  VCBCS is more than an academic institution, it is a training center for spirit and power.  Our focus is in the restoration and transformation of lives, cities, and nations by the power of God.

Educational Philosophy

Benjamin Franklin once declared, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I will learn.” Accordingly, education MUST be more than an academic exercise. While instruction is provided at VCBCS through the means of sound and gifted biblical teachers, lectures are always provided with the intention of leading to experience. Personal integration is a key emphasis of all of the courses that are taught at VCBCS.

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