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Life Experience Credit

Students can submit their application to the Administrative Office through completing the online application, which will require uploading supporting documentation.  For students who wish to apply through the mail, please contact for further information.  


Life Experience Credit is granted by the Academic Board of VCBCS with a maximum of 60 hours for lifetime credit for an undergraduate program and 9 hours for a graduate program.

  1. Submit a Life Experience Credit Application with all supporting documents.

  2. Pay the Life Experience Credit Evaluation fee of $150.

  3. Application is reviewed by the Executive Board who may request additional information or documentation.

  4. The Board may require an interview with the applicant, conducted through phone or video conference.

  1. Applicant must be at least 28 years of age.

  2. Applicant has at least 5 years of demonstrated skills and experience beneficial to their field of study.

  3. Applicant must provide a Life Experience Portfolio.

  4. Applicant provides 3 letters of reference.

  5. Applicant has never received equivalent credit for Life Experience in any other degree program.


Prior to submitting your application, the following supporting documents will be needed to support your applications.  We suggest gathering the following in preparation to attach them to your application:

  • Copies of Transcripts

  • Copies of Certificates & Awards achieved.

  • 3 Letters of Reference

  • Brief Academic Resume

  • Brief Personal Resume (including employment history)

  • Any other documents which support the areas you wish to be evaluated by the Board.

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