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  • Identity Preview | VCBCS

    Identity Course D etails ​ Course #: NTS 307 Course Credits: 3 Instructor: Dr. Chris Romano Course Description ​ This course explores the subject of the believer’s identity in Christ and why understanding one’s identity in Christ is vital to victorious Christian living.

  • Purpose | VCBCS

    PURPOSE phone_purpose copy 94_purpose copy_edited partner copy phone_purpose copy 1/3 "Many are the plans of a person's heart but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails." Prov 19:21

  • Alumni Stories | VCBCS

    Alumni Stories Contact Information: 585.261.8125 blog: Rev. Melody L. Lavin, PhD President / International Director VLMI, US & Canada Vice-Chairman VLM of Eastern & Central Africa In the moment when God’s Word is heard, understood, and applied, a person’s life can change dramatically. I have been an international minister, a teacher and trainer, for 38 years, and the director of four international training organizations for the last seven years: Victorious Living Ministries Int’l, Inc. U.S., VLMI Canada, VLM of Eastern & Central Africa, and VLMI Trust. Our organizations provide customized training options that strengthen local churches, empowering people for life and equipping them for effective ministry. This includes Bible training for all ages, genders and nationalities. Encouragement, teaching and training, and mentoring are all hallmarks of these organizations. I do an extensive amount of work in the area of missions, both in ministering personally in East Africa and Europe, and in directing the international partnerships of Victorious Living Ministries Int’l, Inc. with other organizations and churches globally. Additionally, I provide customized training for local church leadership teams and worship teams. Contact Information: 517.610.3620 blog: ​ LORIE NICHOLS Pastor at House of Refuge Church in Hillsdale, MI I was drawn to go to Bible College but really didn't know what to do so I would send away for information from various schools, then I would wonder, how in the world would I be able to go to another state and leave my family to attend school. Around that same time, I started attending Soul's Harbor Church, Pastor Garber was the Pastor at that time. They were just starting Vision Christian Bible College and Seminary. I was shocked that there was going to be a Bible College so close to home. Also, around that time I was starting a Cleaning Business. One day a lady answered my ad in the paper for house cleaning and I soon started cleaning for her. After only a short time she said, "You need to go to college and I will pay for it and you can just work it off." Immediately I knew I wanted to go to VCBCS. It definitely was a God thing. He had it all set up for me. I have been so grateful for Pastor Garber and the College time and time again. It prepared me for ministry. I started House of Refuge Church in 1999 and we are still going strong. I am involved in various things throughout Hillsdale County as a minister and it is all due to my humble beginnings as a timid, broken person who got a chance to attend a Bible college in Montpelier, Ohio. I thought I had missed my opportunity for college. Pastor was always so good to me, he imparted wisdom in me and gave me opportunities for ministry, he believed in me even when I did not believe in myself. My only regret is I did not get my doctorate only a master’s degree. Pastor tried to tell me to go further, but maybe someday I can work on that. Contact Information: DERAL CARSON The Vineyard Church in Marysville, OH Marriage Ministries I graduated with a BA in Theology way back in 1999. But I appreciate most the experience of my teachers. I received so much more than just academic teaching. I had the total sum of hard-knock veteran ministers that could convey so much more to me than just academics—they had proven experience. I attended other academic institutions prior, but I found them so lacking. I gained raw knowledge without anyone being able to show me, “this is how it works in the field.” Not so with VCBCS. I became an assisting minister after graduation in a few Foursquare Churches for about 10 years and VCBCS paved the way. At this point, my wife Leslee and I felt called to marriage ministry. Therefore, we began working with FamilyLife® Ministries under the direction of Dennis Rainey. Being local in Columbus, Ohio, Leslee and I have directed Weekend to Remember marriage getaways for about 15 years. We have had the privilege of seeing over 3,200 couples experience what a real godly marriage can be. Recently, I’ve spoken at these events to several military couples on behalf of CRU Military helping them work through the challenges of marriage in military life. We are humbled to think back to those marriages that were restored and to the souls God saved. We are still working with FamilyLife today and we love working with couples. Additionally, we currently lead the Marriage ministry at the Vineyard Church of Marysville where we minister to couples in small groups and lead a Marriage Touch Point group helping newly-married couples stay focused on their marriage. All of this gain we give God the glory. VCBCS certainly prepared me for all the challenges we work though in ministry.

  • Spiritual Disciplines Preview | VCBCS

    Spiritual Disciplines Course D etails ​ Course #: ECM 414 Course Credits: 3 Instructor: Dr. Chris Romano Course Description ​ This course is designed to fundamentally awaken the student to the reality that personal transformation to Christlikeness is attained through the practice of spiritual disciplines. These ancient practices, though oft neglected throughout the centuries, are the “Way” of Jesus and His followers. As each student applies the lessons that are taught in this course, they will gain both insight and power to live a spiritually disciplined life that leads to fruitfulness and flourishing.

  • Potential | VCBCS

    POTENTIAL potential-passion_3_edited-2 purpose-web7_edited-1 potential-3 copy potential-passion_3_edited-2 1/3 "But by the grace of God I am what I am, and his grace to me was not without effect. No, I worked harder than all of them — yet not I, but the grace of God that was with me." 1 Cor 15:10-11 NIV

  • Theology/Biblical Studies | VCBCS

    Degrees Offered Associates in Biblical Studies (60 credits) Bachelors in Biblical Studies (120 credits) Bachelors in Theology (120 credits) Masters in Theology (36 credits) PhD in Theology (42 credits) Doctorate in Theology (42 credits) Apply Now! * The prerequisite for acceptance into the Doctor in Theology program is an earned Master's of Divinity or Double Masters in related fields. Theology & Biblical Studies The Department of Theology & Biblical Studies (DOTBS) exists to: Educate every student in the foundational truth of God’s revealed word. Equip every student with inspired and anointed instruction and sound biblical and supplemental resources. Empower every student to apply their education to personal experience in order that they may fulfill their God-ordained ministry and calling. Every course within the DOTBS is carefully designed to remain faithful to this mandate. Students within the DOTBS will be well-taught, adequately-trained, and sufficiently-tested to carry out their specific purpose and assignment within the Kingdom of God. In no way is the scholastic endeavor an end to itself. Conversely, every course and program of study is a bridge to a larger destination—to serve faithfully and excellently in the specific role and function that God has called each student to. Department Head Dr. Christopher Romano PhD in Theology

  • Accreditation | VCBCS

    ACCREDITATION CLICK ON IABCS LOGO FOR MORE INFORMATION ON IABCS. Vision Christian Bible College & Seminary is a member of International Association of Bible Colleges and Seminaries [ IABCS] for accountability and accreditation. IABCS is a Non-Governmental Accreditation Institution (NGAI) setting standards for Bible Colleges and Seminaries that do not want to come under secular government control and at the same time maintain a genuine degree program for higher education. IABCS It is the oldest NGAI in the USA, established in 1954. A Word Concerning Accredi tation We believe th at the federal government or any secular institutions are not qualified to dictate the qualifications for instructors or the programs for a spirit-filled ministerial degree. As a Christian University, Vision Christian Bible College & Seminary offers academic programs that are specifically designed to equip students who feel the call of God on their lives and wish to build a ministerial career or to further their Christian education . ​ Accreditation in the U.S. is a voluntary, non-governmental process that is undertaken by private agencies. Some, but not all, of those agencies have applied for and received approval from the U.S. Departm ent of Education or the Council on Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), which maintains criteria for such approval. Those agencies that are so approved enable their members to qualify for several billion dollars annually of federal student funds. This creates a “gatekeeper” role for such agencies and a direct relationship between them and federal government. The main reason why many institutions in the U.S. seek accreditation is in order to gain access to federal student funds, which are not available to schools that do not hold accreditation. ​ ​ “It should be noted that some institutions have chosen not to participate in the federal student aid program and therefore do not have to be approved by an accrediting agency recognized by the Department. While these institutions do not appear on the Department’s list they may be legitimate schools.” - United State Department of Education ​ The vast majority of Bible Colleges and Seminaries choose not to be governed by the USDE and do not seek regional accreditation. Once the decision is made to become accredited through a Department of Education recognized agency, reversing that choice is not a simple process. The decision to reject government sanctioned accreditation would have an immediate and profound effect on all alumni holding degrees. For the accredited college, the approval of an accrediting agency becomes its ‘life’s blood.’ The college is left to choose between compromising core biblical beliefs to conform to the requirements of the government or face the possibly substantial loss of funds and angry alumni. ​ Although religious schools may opt to seek accreditation, many regard the separation of church and state as a reason either to remain unaccredited or to seek accreditation from a specifically religious agency with no ties to government. ​ We believe training men and women for ministry is best done under the authority of a local church and independent of the constraints of a liberal arts program. Another concern we have held regarding accreditation relates to government intervention. To accept Title IV or other government funding could obligate us to government oversight and vetting of our curriculum, staffing, and even beliefs. We recognize that we live in a pluralistic society and with a government which is increasingly antagonistic toward Christian beliefs. There is no doubt in our minds that, were the government given oversight of our operations, their secular humanistic paradigm would see our curriculum as unsatisfactory to the pluralistic philosophies of today. ​ ​ In addition, there is the concern that accreditation could put the college in a position where a faculty degree would usurp a ministry-focused hiring process of evaluating a candidate’s personal ministry and ability to transfer truth as a facilitator of 2 Timothy 2:2. We have seen where accreditation has pressured institutions to hire a required number of professors with particular degrees, rather than hiring them based on a philosophy of local church ministry with a commitment to doctrine and soul winnin g. ​ The legal right to grant degrees is independent from the issue of accreditatio n. ​ V ision Christian Bible College & Seminary was authorized to operate and to grant degrees by the Florida State Board of Independent Colleges and Universities under section 246.084(1), State of Florida Statues. ​ In 1999, VCBCS became a member of the American Federation of College and Seminaries (AmFed) that was approved by the Florida State Board of Independent Colleges and Universities (SBICU) to grant degrees. The Federation established a quality educational standard in post-secondary education for evangelical colleges and seminaries that do not seek secular accreditation. In addition, VCBCS is a member in good standing of the International Association of Bible Colleges and Seminaries (registered as Southern Accrediting Association of Bible Colleges). IABCS purpose is to furnish, recognize and verify certain standardized requirements in various fields in which the representative institutions operate in keeping with, and acceptable to, other accredited institutions of higher education. We are committed to education that is legitimately post-secondary and academically rigorous, challenging students to develop critical thinking skills and leading them in the formation of a biblical grounded Christian worldview. ​ Vision Christian Bible College & Seminary is an institution of higher education in which the Bible is central and the development of Christian life and ministry is essential. We engage the student intentionally in… ​ 1. Biblical higher education – education that involves extensive and serious study of the text of God’s eternal Word, not in a posture of detachment and skepticism, but in a posture of discipleship and submission, seeking to understand the will of God so that we may conform to it, and the plan of God so that we may join Him in bringing about its fulfillment. This engagement with Scripture ensures that the formation of a Christian worldview issues not only from sincere devotion to Christ, but also from a comprehensive grasp of biblical teaching and a well-honed and growing ability to bring sound theological thinking to bear upon their engagement with a broad spectrum of humanities/fine arts, social/behavioral science and natural/information science disciplines. ​​ ​ ​ 2. ​ Transf o rmational higher education – education that calls us to explore the moral and ethical implications of what we are studying. In so doing we: apply what we are learning from God’s Word; appropriate and collaborate with the work of God’s Holy Spirit in the process of developing personal values and virtues worthy of His adopted children; and are formed through deep engagement with a community of fellow Christ-followers. Such transformational higher education is validated not by a life orientation toward self-actualization or self-fulfillment, but rather by a posture of submission and self-denial, living out Kingdom values and Gospel priorities before a watching world. ​ 3. Experiential higher education – facilitating hands-on ministry, service-learning and intercultural study opportunities. Such experiences help us to discover and develop our own distinctive God-given gifts, passions and sense of calling as well as to exercise and grow the life, ministry and leadership skills required for passionate and proficient service. ​ 4. Missional higher education. We maintain that an authentically biblical worldview compels all believers – regardless of present or future occupation – to understand their personal vocation within the context of history’s destiny: the day when the kingdoms of this world have become the Kingdom of our God and of His Christ. Recognizing that in the 21st century Christianity may not enjoy cultural hegemony neither in North America nor abroad, does our education involve acquiring and exercising tools for cultural exegesis and engagement in addition to the tools of biblical exegesis. We seek to encourage and equip graduates to take part according to their unique gifts, passions and callings in the global cause of proclaiming through word and deed the Gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ alone. ​ In the United State of America, most of our nation’s first colleges and universities, such as: Harvard and Princeton, Columbia, Dartmouth, Rutgers, Vassar, Wellesley, Mt. Holyoke etc. began as Christian colleges and universities offering Christian education. Harvard began in 1636 and was founded for training in the Gospel ministry. Harvard’s charter stated that the university was established for the purposes of educating the English and Indian youth in knowledge and Godliness. Harvard’s motto was “Christo et Ecclesiae” (For Christ and Church).

  • Ministry | VCBCS

    Degrees Offered Bachelors in Ministry (120 credits) Masters in Ministry (36 credits) PhD in Ministry (42 credits) Doctorate in Ministry (42 credits)* Apply Now! * The prerequisite for acceptance into the Doctor in Ministry program is an earned Master's of Divinity or Double Masters in related fields. Ministry Our Department of Ministry has many cutting-edge ministry training programs and fields of study to help equip followers of Jesus Christ for the work of the ministry. Thus, “Training Real People for Real Purpose” is not just our motto but also our purpose. Whether you are called to a pulpit or a profession, a congregation, or a career – Vision Christian Bible College & Seminary is here to equip you to make a difference. Most of us think of ministry as the work done by pastors, missionaries, Christian conference speakers, or evangelists. We rarely think of work done by bankers, lawyers, engineers, or homemakers, etc. as the work of the ministry. We believe all arenas of work are to be viewed as our act of worship to the Lord and our mission field. ​ Whether you are called as an apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, teacher, janitor, factory worker, engineer, worship leader, etc., our programs of study are all centered around advancing God’s Kingdom in your environment. Operating from a Kingdom perspective means studies are not only focused on the various ministries that labor in the church but also in the marketplace, the community, the prison environment, and in missions. We are prepared to equip you to be culturally relevant without becoming culturally compromised and to influence the world for the Kingdom of God. Dr. Ron King Department Head Dr. King has been involved in church planting in the USA and abroad since 1972. He has traveled extensively throughout the world and carries a global vision for equipping the church and training leaders. He serves in the ministry as an apostle, pastor, and teacher. He is one of the founding fathers of Apostolic Team Ministries (ATM), International and Kingdom Leadership, International. ​ Dr. King serves as Vice President of Vision Christian Bible College & Seminary and is one of the mentoring professors in the Master’s and Doctorate Programs. Contact Information: (844)-863-7847 ext. 702 Dr. HG Strickland Department Head As a young man, Dr. HG Strickland knew God called him to ministry and he began obeying that call in the pulpit before the age of ten. Since then, he’s planted churches, launched ministries, and has raised up leaders across denominational lines. In fulfilling that call, God has taken him far beyond traditional ministry and church leadership to lead charities, foundations, businesses, and even train government leaders on Capitol Hill to operate in their identity and purpose. ​ HG also travels throughout the world teaching “Work Is Worship” and training people to live a life of purpose in the Kingdom of God. This revelation empowers people to incorporate their spiritual life into everyday life and to serve God where He places them – at work, at school, at home, and not only at church. While speaking at a Kingdom Quake conference in Toledo, Ohio, HG ministered to a lobbyist. That encounter would prove to be a divine appointment and led to an invitation to Washington, D.C. in January 2016. That lobbyist became a powerful ministry partner, and since then the two have been teaching in boardrooms across Washington, D.C. every two weeks. As the ministry continued to increase, it became apparent God was doing something more. Kingdom Life Ministries held their first service as a new church plant on October 14, 2018. They meet on Sunday evenings at the historic New York Avenue Presbyterian Church just two blocks from the White House. ​ Dr. Strickland serves on the national board, is the International Director, co-chairs the Department of Ministry, and is a mentoring professor in the Master and Doctoral Programs. He is a Director of Apostolic Team Ministries International and is a founding director of Kingdom Leadership International. HG is married to the love of his life and ministry partner, Chaley and together they have two boys, Tristan and Gavin. Contact Information: (844)-863-7847 ext.

  • Chaplaincy Program | VCBCS

    Reputation Relevance Revelation Relationships Chaplaincy Certificate Program Overview Our online Chaplaincy Certificate Program is designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools that you need to advance your kingdom calling in the area of Chaplaincy. Our program is constructed with busy, ministry-minded leaders in mind. Therefore, the program is tailored to fit your scheduling needs, and can be done at a pace that is conducive to your lifestyle. Additionally, our program operates on an “open-enrollment” basis, meaning there is no defined semester or start-date so you can begin the program immediately! Our program consists of 10 specialized modules that together form a comprehensive unit supplying the individual with a well-balanced foundation to carry out their ministry. This particular ministry is of paramount importance in a historic era of conflict, change, and increasing complexity. Yet, while relevant and urgent in our contemporary era, the clarion call for Christ-like chaplains derives its significance from its 4th century historical roots. The term “chaplain” originates from the story of St. Martin accompanying an impoverished man in the rain, which took place at the gate to the city of Amiens, France, in 337. As crowds hurried past the half-naked and close-to-death beggar, Martin -- a military officer at the time -- took out his sword and removed his cloak. Martin sliced his cloak into two pieces, giving one half to the man and using the other half to cover himself. After being so moved by this powerful turn of events, Martin dedicated his life to serving the poor, and years later, his cloak became a treasured spiritual symbol. The cloak was kept in a building that came to be known as a cappella, or “chapel,” and the person assigned to look after the sacred relic was deemed the capellano, or “chaplain.” To this day chaplains can be identified as “the keepers of sacred things.” Through our program, we are dedicated to forming and shaping individuals who are thoroughly equipped to be “the keepers of sacred things” in service to their communities. Qualifications Associates Degree in Theology or Ministry OR Equivalent Ministry Experience* Cost Application Fee: $50 Program Tuition: $299 Annual Re-Certification: $150 Apply Now! * To be determined by the evaluation of supporting documentation submitted in the candidate's application. Courses Intro to Chaplaincy Chaplaincy Advisement (Do’s and Don’ts) Chaplaincy Ethics for Support and Pastoral Care Effective Communication Dealing with Complex Trauma Grief Counseling Biblical Worldview Kingdom Perspective People Literacy Biblical Discipleship Chaplaincy Testimonial

  • Dr. Romano | VCBCS

    Dr. Christopher Romano President VCBCS Dept Head - Theology & Biblical Studies Email: Phone: (844)-863-7847 ext. 700 A Bit About Me Dr. Christopher Romano was born and raised in Ravena, N.Y where he excelled as an All-State Quarterback for the R-C-S Indians as well as receiving induction into the Academic Hall of Fame. Following graduation, he attended Siena College in Loudonville, NY where he received his B.A. in History and Education and later Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia where he earned his M.A. in Religion and Biblical Studies. Later, he continued his academic pursuits through Vision Christian Bible College & Seminary where he earned his Ph.D. in Theology. In March, 1998, Dr. Romano’s life was completely transformed as he encountered the living God and gave his heart to Jesus Christ. From the day he was born-again, he sensed the call to serve God and go into the ministry. Having first served in public and private education as a history teacher and football coach, in April 2006, Dr. Romano joined the pastoral staff at Rock Solid Church in Hudson, NY. It was at Rock Solid where Dr. Romano developed a heart for both the local church as well as the global church. To that end, in addition to serving in various leadership capacities within the church, in Jan. 2011 Dr. Romano launched Rock Solid Bible Institute, an affiliate campus of Vision Christian Bible College & Seminary. RSBI became a training and equipping arm of Rock Solid Church that prepared over 200 men and women for the work of ministry. In addition to RSBI, Dr. Romano planted campuses in both Bristol, Connecticut and Albany, N.Y. During that time, Dr. Romano began serving on the board of VCBCS as well as in the Department of Theology and Biblical Studies. In July, 2018, Dr. Romano was set in as the 3rd President in VCBCS’ history, a position that he holds to this day. The foremost passion of Dr. Romano’s heart is to see the broken lives of people of all ages repaired and restored through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Following the ministry model of 2 Timothy 2:2, it is his conviction to create cultures of discipleship in order that leaders can be mentored, educated, and equipped that they might impact the church, their schools and universities, their jobs, their families and the world around them for the sake of the Kingdom of God. Dr. Romano currently resides in Central Florida, with his wife Tara. Happily married since 1999, they have 5 children, Samuel, Hannah, Caleb, Abigail, Aria and 3 grandchildren, Xavier, Reign, and Charlotte.

  • Current Students | VCBCS

    Current Degree & Audit Students Resources for active students in VCBCS. QUICK LINKS Login Registrar's Office Contact the Registrar’s Office for assistance with class registration, adding or dropping classes, grades, and graduation requirements. Mail Email: Phone Phone: 844-863-7847 option 5 MAKE A PAYMENT Pay online with Tithely STAY CONNECTED Follow us on Social Media Subscribe to our newsletter! Email Join Thanks for subscribing!

  • Apply Now | VCBCS

    Degree & Audit Student Application APPLICATION PROCESS APPLICATION FEE Option 1: Apply through the mail Download and complete an application. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Mail to the Administrative Office (address is on the application). ​ Option 2: Apply online Complete the application below (Be sure to select Submit). ​ Download the "7 Questions" document here and upload it on the application below. ​ ​ ​ ​ Option 1: Mail your payment to... VCBCS P.O. Box 622 Hudson, NY 12534 ​ Option 2: Pay online using the Make Payment button. VCBCS Application Undergraduate Application Fee: $50 Graduate Application Fee: $100 7 Questions Make Payment

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