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The degrees offered in the various educational departments of our Distant Learning Program (DLP) are designed to equip the student in various ministry vocations or callings. The DLP allows you to learn in your home and local church. It allows you to take the courses necessary to develop your particular ministry skills. Every student is assigned a mentor-advisor who will be available to guide the student through their course of studies. All of our mentors are experienced in their fields of education.


Academic Departments

Department of Ministry

The degrees offered are all centered around programs of study to prepare men and women for ecclesiastical vocations. In addition, your assigned mentor will work with you to develop the course of study that will maximize your impact in your specific sphere of influence.  Operating from a Kingdom perspective means studies are not only focused on the various ministries that labor in the church but also in the marketplace, the community, the prison environment, and in missions.  We are prepared to equip you to influence the world for the Kingdom of God. We are also actively training those called to equip the saints for the work of the ministry with programs of study for the five-fold equipping ministries; apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers.

Department of Theological/Biblical Studies

The Department of Theology & Biblical Studies (DOTBS) exists to:


Educate every student in the foundational truth of God’s revealed word.


Equip every student with inspired and anointed instruction and sound biblical and supplemental resources.


Empower every student to apply their education to personal experience in order that they may fulfill their God-ordained ministry and calling.


Every course within the DOTBS is carefully designed to remain faithful to this mandate. Students within the DOTBS will be well-taught, adequately-trained, and sufficiently-tested to carry out their specific purpose and assignment within the Kingdom of God. In no way is the scholastic endeavor an end to itself. Conversely, every course and program of study is a bridge to a larger destination—to serve faithfully and excellently in the specific role and function that God has called each student to.

Department of Christian Social Work

Department of Pastoral/Biblical Counseling

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