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Degrees Offered

  • Bachelors in Christian Counseling (120 credits)

  • Masters in Christian Counseling (60 credits)

  • PhD in Christian Counseling  (42 credits)

Christian Counseling

The degrees in the Christian Counseling department are carefully designed to prepare men and women to counsel in a disciplined and skilled way. The Apostle Paul was very sensitive to the needs of hurting individuals when he wrote, “we who are strong must bear the weaknesses and help carry the burdens of those who are weaker.”

Effective counseling skills are developed to address the very diverse problems people face today.

Caring counselors provide encouragement and guidance for those who are facing loss, decisions, or disappointments.

Unique techniques of the Christian counselor set us apart from the secular as we seek to change behavior, attitudes, and values or perceptions from a Biblical perception.

Meet The Team

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Department Head

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